Welcome to
Crossdressing Maid Cafe & Bar
Business day : Mom~Sun / Holidays
Business hours : 18~23 (~5AM for Fri and Sat)


  • Charge System
     Entry charge ... \1500 (w/ 1 drink, 60 mins)
     Extension charge (automatic extension) ... \300 (60 mins)
  • Business hours
     Mon 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
     Tue 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
     Wed 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
     Thu 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
     Fri 12:00~23:00(Last order 28:30)
     Sat 12:00~29:00(Last order 28:30)
     Sun 12:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
     Public Holidays 18:00~23:00(Last order 22:30)
  • Soft drinks are from \500, Alcohol beverages are from \700.
     We have original cocktails as well!
  • We have 48 seats! We're always welcome from one person to even more.
     Feel free to contact us for event / party use!
  • Hungry? No problem - we got you covered with our finest meal!

  • Point card system
    We give out 1 point per \1000 charge.
    Each point card holds maximum 50 points - we provide "rank cards" everytime your point card expires.
  • About rank cards
    We have "rank system" that links with our point card - everytime when a point card expires you will be promoted to a higher rank.
    Entry charge and etc. will be discounted depending on your rank status.